Luxman Integrated

Does anyone have any experience of any of the current Luxman (L-505 UXII, L-507 UXII or L-509X) integrated amps?

Currently musing on trying one, probably second-hand or ex-demo if I can lay my mitts on one.

I have read all manner of on-line reviews. Just interested in some first-hand opinions from AAists.

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All the VUs.


Mini curtains can help with the distraction!

Pffft. I already have them


I have a friend who has just bought a 550, Class A, 2 x 20W. It is large and is so well built. It also runs very warm.It sounds absolutely marvellous. I now keep musing about them. If this is their house-sound I very much like it. Good luck with your hunt.

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built like a battleship?

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Don’t worry, I will give 2014 its internet back.