Luxman L410 amp, any good?

Got dragged in to a charity shop in Wassenar (a quite well to do bit of Dutchland apparently) and after perusing the vinyl (same sort of shite our charity shops are stuffed with) I looked at the electronic and saw the above with a matching tuner €400, with a strong hint that a deal could be done…
Claire says if it’s possible to make a few quid out of it, or if I sell something to ameliorate the cost (realistically, my Arcams…)

Worth a punt?

In a word, no if you intend to make money.

Euro 350 on terriblebay.

A few on HiFi shark for €800+, without the tuner,

Could prob get the set for €350.

If I’m not interested in flipping would it be a worthwhile upgrade to Arcam 8r/8p?

Any more than Euro300 and you are over paying. Euro800 is extremely hopeful.

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. does it all work?
  2. does it need re-capping?

Never heard one, so don’t know what it sounds like.

They used to get fairly good press, with a sort of softy lush sound.

A mate has a new 550 integrated (much more expensive) and he loves it.

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The Arcam stuff has a transistory grainy sound, in my experience. The Luxman will probably be on the softer side.

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In my mind, you have already mentally purchased it, for £300 you can get some pretty decent amps; Inca Tech Claymore, Myst Tma3, etc…

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If I had been on my own, then yeah, probably. Unfortunately, Claire is with me and making me justify it, which is why I’m asking.

However, it would be nice to have something classic, which I might actually not lose money on if I decided I didn’t get on with it…



:+1: Subtle yet effective.


Were you, or where you not saving up for a valve amp?

It’s a skill.

I am in awe…:thinking:…or something…


Well, yes, but opportunity knocks and all that…