M6 roadworks hell

A week today I’m going to be driving from Plymouth to Gretna. We’re hoping to depart at 6am where will I be around midday.
I’m hoping our 6 year old will sleep and I can get as far up the road as possible.

Closest guess gets half of a Cambridge audio Atlantic interconnect.

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You should be up near Carlisle with about half an hour to go.
I did Lancaster in 5 hours not that long ago & not really pushing it. I didn’t stop anywhere though.

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Fingers crossed you’re right. ( And that Marley sleeps most of the way or she’s occupied with snacks and downloads on Netflix! )


Just get Coco to drive you. Gretna in time for breakfast.


Running away to get married? :smiley:

Given the large potential for the M5 to stuff up and the need for unscheduled stops of a small person variety, Sandbach.

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Exactly what we are doing.
We were going to get married down here but after seeing how stressed she was getting * and the attitude of some of her family we cancelled our plans and get married next Friday at Gretna.

  • I’ll admit I’ve had fuck all to do with organising it.

yep - not too far from what we did. After a shit load of grief, we did it at a very short notice, with only dozen people present. We did get a shed load of hassle after the troublemakers found out, but our attitude was WGAF


Newton Abbott


What’s different about getting married in Scotland these days? I understand that historically there was a reason to elope there but is there some legal stricture that getting to Scotland sidesteps now?

I think there’s still a romantic “sod everyone, let’s just do it” that means a lot of people go to Gretna

But does it somehow bypass obligatory legal stuff needed in England?

(If not then Newton Abbot does seem a better option!)

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could stop in Runcorn on that scenic drive

Still a reason if you’re 16-18 & don’t have parental consent. You don’t need it there.

As far as I know there were packages offering exactly the same thing in Devon and Cornwall but for us living where we live Gretna felt a bit special.

Wow exciting stuff pilgrim , hope it goes well. We did it 6 to 40 on m6 last week and no problem at all. Wish you a good journey

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Make sure to post some pics , nice to have a bit of romance on here . :grinning:

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Not doing too bad for timing considering we’re on our third stop. Now at Charnock Richard services.

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