M77 Clone

hi - I read some of the threads here and decided to buy the nobsound m77 board and a m77 chassis to try it out. I have some soldering skills and basic electronics knowledge but I have never put a valve amp together - more than likely would electrocute myself to death! is it possible for someone to give me some details of how to do this ? (i.e. where to source the transformer, selector switches, potentiometer etc and how to make sure that I earth the thing properly); pictures and instructions would be gratefully received.

I thought I would connect everything up myself and get a proper electrician to look over it after and make sure it’s safe to use. Does anyone know of a trusted electrician I can turn to in Hampshire or surrey?

Thank you very much

Not Hampshire or Surrey, but if I wanted something tubey looking at that was down south then it would be @Valvebloke http://www.ampregen.com/ampregencontact.html

There is a group of us construction types who meet up at the Hi-Fi hangar in Bordon once a month for a project night. Several of us have built the Nobsound preamps and would be able to offer advice. You’d be most welcome to come along. I think I’m right in saying the next one is this coming Wednesday although I’ll double check.


Thank you very much Rob and KJW. I bought stuff from Steve at hangar before and he’s a very nice person. Yes do let me know the schedule for the meetings.

It’s the 3rd Wednesday of the month, as a rule, from 6:30 to about 9:30 PM. :+1:

I’ll be there this week AFAIK.


Steve is unwell at the moment so best check with the shop that it’s happening.

Good point. I’d heard he’d been under the weather. Will drop them a line tomorrow and report back.

Steve is back to work, he was in the shop on Friday and Saturday. All back to normal.


That’s good to hear.