Mains hum

This is probably opening a horrible can of worms, but is there a cheap and easy way to reduce a low-level background hum from one’s speakers?

Thanks in advance.

Is the hum present with nothing (other than speakers) connected to the amp or does if start only when something is added?

There’s only one thing connected, so I will experiment with nothing connected tomorrow (listening to Youth & Gaudi right now). Thank you.

I’ve already worked out part of the problem. It was “clean the house day” today (I hoover, she dusts) and the volume knob got whacked in the process - when I put the aforementioned album on it was satisfyingly loud.

That will do it. Even so, there might be scope to reduce noise. You have a Sonos thing of some description yes?. If so, if it’s a two wire mains device, it might be trying to ground via the input board which Naim isn’t a fan of so that might be creating audible hum.

Yes, Sonos + Naim.

Oh aye :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s very common practise and there’s nothing bad about doing it… unless you also have an amp where the company leaves the input board floating cos it (apparently) sounds better.

There’s your problem right there.
Aggressive hoovering can ruin the quantum balance of the cables. You have probably broken a nanoparticle lattice resulting in the electrons losing their alignment…

Stick to dusting.


My comment was more related to me only having 5% of a scooby what you’re talking about.


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Does the hoover sound better with the hi-fi disconnected?

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