Manchester Gig Attack

Looks like dozens dead injured.

Many of us go to gigs. I was at Royal Blood on saturday and we talked about something like this happening.
Have tickets for Radiohead & Ryan Adams, in Manchester.
I am still going!!!

Thought are with those affected, left behind, their families, friends.
A sad day for lovers of music.

Much snapchatting etc going on here as my eldest and second daughter had friends at this gig last night. We think all the kids we know are ok but it is pretty subdued here to say the least.

Would guess at this stage that its mainly kids who will be dead/injured.
terrible terrible news.
The city where I started going to gigs…as a teenager

I’m numb.

Dreadful and unfathomable

Some of my girls schoolfriends were there. Thankfully they all seem to be Ok, physically at least.

An attack deliberately aimed at children, there are no words I have to describe my feelings towards the kind of scum that can conceive of doing this.

Awful news, couldn’t have attacked a softer target, disgusting scum…

They strike at the things most precious to us. Apart from keeping our eyes open all we can do is fight their attempts to sow division and isolation.


Just terrible. Let us not allow them to divide us.

It’s already happened but apparently it is only in the house of commons.

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Impossible to know what to say. Manchester will be brave I’m sure, but children and their families?!

Sickening. Thoughts go out to the families affected.

Bloody horrific, heart goes out to those affected:-(

The news at 11am was truly unbearable…:sob:


Chap in our office was over there very early in the morning to pick up his son and his son’s girlfriend, they had been to the gig. he found them at 3am a few miles from the venue. They had walked out the foyer less than 10 seconds before that bastard walked in. Luckily not injured, but had blood on them and saw things that night that no one should have to see. Mum was distraught to say the least. A very lucky escape.

Can’t let them win.
Have tickets for Radiohead at Manchester Arena in 6 weeks time.
If it goes ahead I will be going.

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Numb, sad, angry, such a mindless act of inhumanity.
Twenty two young lives lost because of a senseless act that will achieve nothing in reality, I believe it was the anniversary of the attack on Lee Rigby yesterday. Horrific, heartfelt sympathy for the relatives of the victims and for the victims RIP. I hope the appropriate communities come forward with any information they may have to assist the investigation and hopefully prevent another senseless act.

An awful & tragic incident.

As with many such incidences of terrorism, (going back the the actions of the IRA in the 1970’s) it always makes me wonder what circumstances have really created a situation where an atrocity like this seems (to the perpetrators) to be an appropriate or commensurate response?


I’m lost for words.

You can’t respond with more bombing, drone strikes or internment. Eventually you have to try to instigate a dialogue & establish the source of the grievance. Then you might be able to decide whether anything can or should be done to change the situation.

Or, of course, you carry on as you are & still more innocent people get killed.


This isn’t the IRA, Guy. There is nothing to negotiate on. Their endgame is the complete destruction of Western society.