Marantz M-CR603 - all in one HiFi

I have a used Marantz M-CR603 - all in one HiFi coming available - for an appropriate donation to the forum and for collection only (from AL10) or a meat wagon. The unit dates from about 2010.

stock picture

more information here M-CR603 including a link to the user manual.

I have owned it for about 10 years. It has a weird fault in that it goes into “overheat”/“speaker short” mode about once per day. Where it just switches off and the warning light comes on I can see no reason for either, but it is a major inconvenience for us - you need to switch it off/on from the socket and it works fine without reoccurrence.

The physical condition is good - without any damage or visible scratches.

Other than the fault mode;
The DAB/FM radio is excellent through my loft aerial, the CD player works. Streaming works with my DLNA servers but the interface is crude and not entirely easy to use. But you can playback via the USB port on the front. The remote control works, and it has a “sleep” mode making it ideal for the bedroom (which is where i have used it)


Looks nice. For anyone looking for an improved interface, the Squeezebox server software should work with this via DLNA, providing a decent UI.

when i ran SB’s it did not play nicely at all. It might be better these days - i have no means of checking that out.

It works fine with my NAS as a server and using the Auralic as a server. It works ok with BubbleUPnP on an Android phone - so you can select it as the renderer and choose a server and playback. BubbleUPnP can also control the volume.

The Squeezebox server DLNA plugin is very good now - it works with hi-res, gapless and all controls, and will be fine with any of the control systems on phones etc. It’s what I use for my main systems.

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there is a possibility i can post if i can find the box in the loft, and something to protect it.

Gone through another forum

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