Marantz PM4 for sale

Very tidy amp sounds great, is with Firebottle ATM being given the once over. Will post a pic later. One of the small buttons has been replaced and is just slightly different but only noticeable if you’re looking for it.

425 collected from Worcster or meat wagon.

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Ooh tempted.


You know it makes sense and you deserve it :+1:

Quick, before he changes his mind. And he will.

Come on then Wayne, I’m going on holiday on Saturday😃

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Of course you are.

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Just back from Alan (Firebottle) after being fettled, checked over and given a clean bill of health.


Wish I had the cash

Yep I was Alan’s picking up my Pioneers, and I saw the PM4 on the bench and the phonos producing very fine results on the scope.


Heard one of these at Papa L’s many years ago, sounded great with his LVs. What is the phonostage like in these?

I’m running a Hana SL into mine and have absolutely no complaints

The 'stage is very decent.

Shame they don’t have a remote control otherwise I’d buy it.

How about a long stick with a lump of bluetac on the end of it? :thinking:
Anyway, I’m off for a much needed and we’ll earned break later today, so you will all have to wait until 4th April, form an orderly queue :zipper_mouth_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Final call for the PM4 before it goes on eBay :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi, I am interested in this unit but it’s not possible for me to collect due to our locations.

Thanks Stephen

Just so you know @J_B I know Steven well and he is a top bloke and completely trustworthy. Just thought it would help you to know he is not a complete unknown person.

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Thanks Tim.

Hi Stephen, I have sent you a private message.