Marin hybrid push-irons, any good?

A friend of ours has got a Marin hybrid bike that she’s thinking of getting rid of. Not exactly sure of the model, but it’s probably about 3-4 years old and white…:roll_eyes:

I’m thinking it would be great for the youngest.

I sort of remember Marin being towards the more esoteric side of the MTB world, made in California, and thus being fairly expensive. But, looking around at teh internetz it seems they’re a lot cheaper now. Really, really cheaper.

Have they gone all Chinese? Must admit I only gave it a quick look over and it did look good, and she does look after her stuff, so it’s in really good nick.

No idea of how much she wants, but assuming around £150-ish, is it worth a punt?

Still a US company as far as I know Rob but maybe manufacture in China (who doesn’t) - they’ve always produced excellent bikes.

Defo worth a punt but try and get her a spin on it - just to check the obvious things like brakes (stops ok and wear on the brake blocks), gears and wheels are working ok.

Check there is no play in the cranks - hold both pedals and try pushing and pulling them if there’s no play all good if there is some movement then the bottom bracket will need serviced.

Check the headset is ok as well - pull the front brake and try rocking the front wheel if you feel any movement then the headset will need tightened or serviced.

A service might still be a good idea even if the bike has been looked after - especially if she’s not used it for a few years. :thumbsup:


Cheers for that. I was just surprised how cheap they are now because I remember them being expensive. I suppose they have to manufacture in China to get a global reach, but even so, lot’s of companies (eg Specialized) preserve their premium pricing, so I haz confuse… Their entry level stuff is soooo much cheaper than their (previous) peers…

It would be nice for Lauren to have something decent, rather than another hand me down or freebie. She got a pretty good, and virtually new, freebie a few months back, but she’s growing like stink at the moment and has nearly outgrown it, she’s at the limit of the seat post, and this Marin is a couple of sizes up so hopefully might last her a year…

It does look really well put together, it’s nice and light and well finished. It was serviced last year prior to a charity bike ride, so should be fine mechanically.

Yup, China & Taiwan have been producing frames for many of the well known brands for years.

Apparently 99% of Trek’s are built outside the US. With huge sales of up to 1.5 million bikes yearly worldwide only 10,000 per annum built Stateside.

I believe Giant OEM stuff for a fair few well known brands & have done so fer years.

Sounds ideal Rob - you’ll just need to get yourself one now :grinning:

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I need to drop 2.5 stone, then I’m buying a lovely green Bianchi.

Tut tut celeste old boy :grinning: When you get it I’ll send you a present for it

Buy it now and you’ll lose the weight in no time - joking aside I’ve lost about about 4 stone since I started cycling again and I still eat and drink normally no dieting for me. :thumbsup: