Maserati GranTurismo

Got a few twitchings


Go for it !


Trouble is, you won’t be able to concentrate on driving it, you’ll be too busy wanking yourself over the sound it will be making.


Very nice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Does it come with complimentary breakdown cover? :wink:

Just kidding, go for it, you only get one go on the planet.

It’s probably just Monday boredom and wishful thinking. But I like it as a Panamera alternative.

Forget about what the car looks like, it has a BOSE surround sound system. What more could you ever want?

You definitely should!

But it probably wouldn’t make it from yours to the Turan :rofl:

I wonder how much less reliable these are than a Panny. I was reading Porsche as a whole aren’t too high up the pop charts on reliability.

I think one of the differences is that Porsche employ metal and other quite strong materials in their construction, as opposed to papier mache, wattle and daub etc.


Now you’re being sensible. It’s a fuck off 5 litre Maserati. Sensible has nothing to do with it.

Fantastic looking car Mark. I’ve always liked them. A massive step up, in terms of design/looks from its predecessor. Nice interior and low miles. It seems to have a lot going for it.

Some say they suffer with reliability issues, but it has got a full history. My mate ran a 4.2 GT (you may have seen it parked outside my house once when he was at one of my bakes a few years back) His was very reliable - I don’t think he had any big bills (apart from routine servicing) in the three years he owned it.

£44k is a lot to spend on a car - you could also get a '14 Panny Turbo for that.

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Do it.

I need some entertainment after the fail of the phaeton thread.


I think even Tyrion Lannister would be cramped in the back of that.

Great number plate :ok_man:t2:

Can you get a Tesla Model S for that much? That would be the best troll, and give you the fastest acceleration to boot.

Gone right off them.

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The main problem with Tesla is that they are all really fucking ugly American horror shows. Apart from that…

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5 year old Italian car with Fiat parts, what could possibly go wrong?