Mate Wants A Valve Power Amp

A friend of mine wants a valve power amp to drive some full range floorstanding speakers that are 3 way and quite efficient. He is probably looking for 25W + with good bass. He has a Tube Technology Unisis (EL84) and is not loving it.

I was thinking Beard P50 or P100, or a EL34 type amp.

No more than £1K.

Any other thoughts?


Art Audio Quintet is a nice EL34, built like a brick and should be available within budget. I was not a big fan of the TTU either.


Who is currently wearing that out?


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That is her 4 cock pose.


5 at a push, shove and oiling.

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Not a power amp though :unamused:

Plenty of people have used it as a power amp by setting the volume to full.

That’s Des’ one, cheaper direct in the classifieds here.

Yea just max the volume pot.

Or he can back it off a little if he has a high gain pre.

The possibilities are endless. Remember to use a mains cable of sufficient quality though.


Looks nice. May be a bit speedy for a P35 though.