Mayo he having a laugh?


So I like Mayo (lgenerally speaking) and I definitely like classical music but together, “having laughs”?

It’s not crying out “dump Petroc come to Simon”.

I predict a fail.


Quite agree with you. It sounds like a horrifying concept to me. I still struggle with Classic FM as a classical music listening experience - Scala could be the dumbed down version of the dumbed down version of R3.

Call me a snob if you want - Mrs K does it all the time !!


I hope he still does ‘Confessions’.

‘Gosh, that time that I mistook Rimsky-Korsakov for Wagner…’


Fuck me, I was only joking.

‘The station’s owners Bauer Media said Mayo’s new show would include celebrity interviews, listener interaction and a classical version of the long-running Confessions feature from his Radio 1 and Radio 2 days’


What’s this new station’s USP.

Classic FM’s is that they will play classical music at +24dB which is dead handy if you want to listen to classical music whilst taking off in the space shuttle.

Radio 3’s USP is their output is 87% mad.


Ok, this could be sketchy.


I would argue, but I once woke up to a theremin concerto playing on the breakfast show.


Haha, I love the crazy stuff on Late Junction although I sometimes make the mistake of ordering the CD.

19 minutes of electronic interference is better the first time round :grinning:


I think I heard that there are currently only two classical stations available on DAB/FM. These are, I assume, R3 and Classic FM. Adding a third doesn’t seem like a bad idea. More people listening to classical music is a good thing, in my opinion. It has had a stuffy image for too long. Adding someone like Simon Mayo to the roster might be a good way of attracting new listeners?

Could be worse, they might invite Steve Wright to present.


More people listening to the Rieu tosspot and equating the two is not.




See multiple CPs passim.


OK, be brave

Some of the comments are fantastic -

I’m crying … but I don’t know the reason

I do.



Yeah, the video is wank, but on the radio that is irrelevant. He can play the fiddle, mind.


I had to stop myself smashing my work PC screen to peices…


Mark Kermode is doing a film soundtrack show apparently - that could be marginally interesting. BUT it does feel like the station is being built around Mayo and Kermode’s popularity, rather than filling a genuine gap in the market.


So Rieu and the LotR soundtrack on loop. Whoop di do.


Zimmer too I suppose. Yay.


So what’s the FM (or MW) frequency of this Scala station, then? I can’t seem to find it.


I think that’ll be what they call a ‘digital’ radio station, transmitted via DAB. It seems it is very much the coming thing, old chap. It may even be possible to listen to it over something called the internet. But let’s take this one step at a time eh …