MC cartridge run in process

At the moment I’m in the running in process of an MC cartridge.
Never done that before, I just play records and clock at 23 hrs now.

Could anybody describe what I could/should/must notice while running in and when this process might be over?

The only ‘run in’ would be the suspension ‘warming up’ which would generally happen by the end of side one of a listening session.

Whether there is a significant change from brand new is another matter.
I would check what the manufacturers say but if that is a fact I would assume that the optimum performance would be after low 10s of hours.
From there on the cart starts deteriorating in performance (in very small increments) every time you use it.

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Not sure about the cartridge but a customer once told me that his SUTs really benefited from being run in. He wondered whether they might have come to him (new from a supplier) with some core magnetisation which needed ‘erasing’ by repeated cycling with music.