McLaren Speedtail


Ermm, no, that doesn’t work for me, unless I’m hovering 10ft high and to the right off the right rear 3/4,

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My cousin works for them,will have to ask him about it next time I see him
He will probably be more interested in my Astra estate though


It’s arse is too big.

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Well, I wouldn’t kick it out of my garage.

The A pillars are way too big.

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Needs cup holders


VTA’s too high


Nice to be able to check out pasengers footware easily, while waiting for the lights to change.

I don’t like that angle at the rear where it returns and the black bit hangs out.

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All that cash and you don’t even get alloys on the front… Bloody Perodua Kelisa has them all round for 5k…

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I am not a fan of the wording construction on the brochure. Couldn’t they have weaved something better than this?

A car like no other. A pure fusion of science and art in automotive form. The Speedtail is McLaren’s first ever Hyper-GT. Our most aerodynamically efficient car ever. And the fastest McLaren to date. With a pioneering 1050PS hybrid powertrain at its core. It brings together unprecedented levels of innovation and elegance to create a new benchmark in automotive design. And offers owners extraordinary opportunity for bespoke personalisation.

What’s with the “odd” wheels then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some kind of KERS I would guess.

KERS? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Charges up the battery when braking.

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Are the ipads in lieu of wing mirrors?

KERS? KERS my arse. They need proper wheels like on this…

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Reminds me of this.