Meat Delivery Van - Warrington to Luton

Evenin’ all.

I’m in the process of buying an amp from Mike @akaYoda and wondered if anyone would be travelling from Warrington to Luton in the next few weeks and be able to assist in getting it closer to Luton ?

Naturally there will be some coloured vinyl tokens on offer to the chauffeur.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is it the Graaf?

Nope, it’s a SS Class A.

Righty ho.

Wish I could help mate, I’m near enough to pick it up, but not going south any time soon.

Cheers @Rob998

Sure I’ll sort something.

I can prob help out, go ahead o Luton with work and Mike isn’t too far from me

Now planning a trip to Warrington but if someone could get the to me I can get it to Luton


Thanks Darren, that would help massively.

Anybody able to get from Mike’s to Darren’s ?

I could get it from Mike to Darren but not for a couple of weeks, if that is of any use…

That would be great Simon :+1:


Does that work for you @Turningjapanese, @akaYoda ?


I owe Simon money for fixing stuff and I know Darren is a pillar of the community so I have no objection. I’ll sort getting it to Simon.


Thanks Mike

Cool for me, go to Luton every couple of weeks so not a problem

Simon, we moved, ping me if you need the mobile or address. Feel free to bring goodies to shamelessly sell to me when you visit😄


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Thanks chaps.

Looks like we’re on.

Does that mean I gave to sort out those 2 motors on your Voyd :tired_face:

In which case I will need to retrieve some of it from the various blaggers who have been borrowing it for some time :roll_eyes:

Yes please now that I can pay you. You will need to come in the truck to bring all that kit back and retreive the borrowed gear :grinning:

You mean you didn’t own that gear you sold to me? :thinking:

Don’t you think the whole “ownership” thing is over emphasised these days. Possesion and all that…:wink: