Meat packaging

Really! I had no idea!

Hmm…I would need to have the trousers taken in then…which is risky for future fit…

I sold my 20 or so suits, 30 ties and about 40 smart shirts a while ago. Raised enough money for a nice UnitiQute2 for the kitchen and a load of music…

Haven’t worn a suit since even for work… - refuse to eat in restaurants where “gentlemen must wear shirt, tie and jacket”…

If your trousers have loops then wear a belt, it is even worse to have empty loops. It must match your shoes imv.

Yeah, has loops- just read that. I matched to my shoes (both dark brown).

So dark brown shoes and belt with pale blue shirt and no tie not a style crime


Black shoes, belt loops removed and white shirt with textured navy tie an alternative?

Socks, same colour and shade as suit?

Someone I know suggested socks should be matched with shirt?

Navy tie with black shoes…isn’t navy + black a no no?

In my management days, when I was a cunt, I would only wear white shirts from Thomas Pink and striped ties.

Proper middle management bell-endery.


And if you must wear a tie it should always be darker than the shirt - unless, of course you intend to go for the gangster look.

And buttons on a suit jacket…three buttoned jacket: middle, always; top sometimes; bottom, never. Two buttoned: top always, bottom never.

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I have still got panache tho…

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The discerning gentleman will notice the collars switched to the ‘on’ position.

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Damnit. Now I’m so aroused I can’t stand up from my desk. I was going to go get a cup of tea :frowning:

A cup of bromide is the only answer. :slight_smile:

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Grey suit, white shirt, blue textured tie, black shoes, socks matching suit. BOOM! You’ll be lucky to actually get to the function there’ll be so many ladies after you. This is the other reason I wear Sweatshirt and jeans almost exclusively. :grinning: Oh and a good watch… The only bit of metal on your person should be a decent watch.

Do you have a coat? Could be chilly in March, what with Edinburgh sharing the same latitude as Moscow…



I think the elastic is on its way out on me shreddies mind.

'tis in London actually.

…and I would get the trousers taken in and belt loops removed so no need for belt? A ballsy move given my weight fluctuations :wink:

Nope I don’t have a coat, but after ending up in London in -2oC with no coat in January I was really thinking I must get one… I have no idea what to look for though.

So is the socks matching shirt thing bollocks?

Hmmm… no watch.

So wooden cufflinks then? :stuck_out_tongue: I have no idea if cufflinks are good or not. I got given a pair by someone when got married…don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair in my life…

Simple coat, Knee length, look for a button 3, fly front Chesterfield in Navy.

Match the sock to the suit.

I would avoid cufflinks, a bit Swiss Tony…


What if no suit and just wearing shirt with jeans? Out of curiosity,en_GB,pd.html

Like this?

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I think on the other fabulous thread you said you were 5’8"? Careful with long coats as they can swamp you.

I’m 5’8" too and had to have mine altered significantly to get a longer coat to work - above the knee.