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Mainly for @Wayward I guess

I would say I was generally bereft of style, but I have something coming up that I want to look good for- a suit occasion.

Where is good to get nice, good quality, not overpriced shirts from? i.e. not just paying for a brand. Is “tailored” better?

Suit’s grey Ben Sherman…chosen because I liked it out of the ones I chose at the time rather than allegiance to any particular style. Could prob do with a new belt.

Any other tips to look well turned out without fussy or like a wanker? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do people not really wear ties anymore? I prefer the suit without tie look personally and it seems as though people generally don’t wear them unless it’s a very formal occasion (which this isn’t)?

I like shirts from this lot…

I used to buy Turnbull and Asser shirts as the sea island cotton was very easy to iron and didn’t crease that much.

I have never possessed a suit or jacket in my life.

I make Compo look sartorially elegant.


I have been wearing the same Next fleece to work virtually every day bar the summer for over 19 years.


Tyrwhitt, Hawes and Curtis or Pink are probably good bets for value, Turnbull would be a bit more expensive I should think. As with everything else though you do get what you pay for. Turnbull would probably be made of better fabric and have a higher quality make.

As for tips on how to not look fussy or a wanker… I would keep it very simple. White shirt, solid navy tie (and I would get knitted silk or grenadine to add a bit of texture), match your socks to your suit, not your shoes. Black shoes- something classic and British and make sure you polish them!

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Must be a bit parky without trousers :smile:

Grey suit - so yep white shirt will look good (or I tend to wear a pale blue one with grey suits), and one that fits your build best. No chest pocket! Black shoes with the toes polished to a mirror.

I don’t tend to wear a tie. Most of my clients don’t tend to also which is great, maybe except for Board meetings.

As for where to buy shirts, I shop around and find one that has a fit that suits my shape best. Charles Tyrwhitt used to fit well but seem to have changed proportions slightly the last time I ordered, and I thought the material used was lower quality than it was a few years back. Turnbull are good but not that good for the money. Thomas Pink are pretty good I find.

Work? I thought you lived off your winnings :+1:

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Turnbull & Asser were special occasion shirts, everyday work shirts were Thomas Pink or Gieves.

These days it is cheap TM Lewin shirts as I’ve gone from a 15 neck to an 18 in the space of a few years.

Its like the return of Gwok’s man-bag thread! :grin:


I buy (nearly) all my shirts from here

Partly because the fabric and construction are (very) good, partly because their standard cut is pretty boxy and so suits my shape.

TM Lewin are pretty arse, but at 4 for £100 you don’t feel so bad when they fall apart or you have to bin them as a result of really grim sweat stains etc.

M&S are just arse - they go wonky in shape or colour (or both) after a single wash, never fit properly and never iron properly, presumably because the fabric has been cut in such a miserly manner to get the most out of it.

Years ago I used to buy Pinks all the time. When I went back there a few years ago and tried two notionally identical shirts. It turned out that they had the same overall measurement from the middle of the back to the end of the sleeves, but in one the sleeves were strangely short, and the other the back was supernaturally narrow. Neither fitted and both were a very odd shape. Really not good for > £100 a pop.

Most of mine are from Hawes and Curtis, more to do with them actually carrying something in my size than anything else but they are decent enough for the money.

I think you’ll find that the artist formally known as Jonniebaby started that. :unamused:

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The mortgage company required me to have a regular fixed income Jim - they didn’t believe me when I said laying Liverpool was as regular a source of income as a normal job.:stuck_out_tongue:

You were destined to have hifi as a hobby. :slight_smile:


Thanks- I have tended to wear a pale blue one with this suit as @crimsondonkey said. I can’t actually remember if it has a chest pocket though :stuck_out_tongue:

So, black shoes and belt? I’ve worn a brown belt and shoes with this…is that a no no?

I read to match socks with suit, so grey but a different shade?

Just make sure the suit is unobtrusive and a great fit. Something like this maybe


Never brown in town :grin:

Brown shoes are for when you’re sneaking up on small animals and then shooting them.

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Gentlemen don’t wear belts with a suit, well, unless you are Johnny Foreigner.

Very dark brown shoes only. Those pointy baby-poo coloured ones you see are for cunts.

Match your socks to your suit, not lighter or darker. You can of course get into all kinds of colours but I would keep it simple.

This is why I wear jeans and a sweatshirt all the time. I can’t match my own expectations! :grinning: