Meat taxi: Bristol BS8 area?

Sourced some speakers Bristol BS8 area

To avoid courier related damage, my first option is to see if any gracious readers can help.

Part one is to get and store. And part two is to hold until I can get over / or a suitable bake off chance arrives. They are just under a metre high, under 20cm wide and maybe about as deep so nothing huuuuge.


When do they need to be collected?

No rush to be honest, but it’s not the done thing to buy and leave them hanging too long!
I’ll courier if it gets an embarrassing wait!

Not far from A4/Hotwells rd apparently.

If someone can get them close to Worcester I can probably do the rest.


The alternative is to store them until a bake off happens to avoid travel for the sake of it. There is no rush to get them to me, as it’s a second system project.
More not having a seller left hanging

I don’t drive, will see if I can get a mate to help.
Could store for a while.
House is a fucking mess tho so might get lost under piles of porno mags and kitty litter.


Mrs P is happy to help collect.

Must warn you, a smoking house, will bag them if they end up here.