Meat Taxi - Enfield pick up


I have bought a new DAC. It’s a heavy one at 20kg. Could anyone pick it up from Enfield please? Thereafter, I’d be looking for someone to bring it to the M4 Corridor. I live in Cardiff but work in Bristol. Going further up the M4 to meet shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I’m not in too much of a rush to receive it but I’m sure the seller would like it to be picked up.


20kg DAC? Tell me more!

Denafrips Terminator. (I’d never heard of it either until last week).

Ok, I googled it.

Please tell, what on earth is a R-2R DAC?

It’s not a delta sigma.

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Ladder resistor DAC. I think @coco made one, or has one on his endless project list.

@clap, looks nice that.


Buying blind?

Looks interesting, please share your impressions when it arrives.

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I can go to Enfield to pick it up Tristan - then hopefully someone at my bake (10th August) can fetch it nearer to you.


Thanks so so much Jim. I will liaise with the seller and PM you.

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Sorry to interrupt but is there anybody going to @Jim’s shindig who lives near @mickbald and be willing to pick up a TT and bring it with them ?


That will likely be me :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you mind ?

Yes, but I’ll do it anyway :kissing:


I thank you :kissing_heart:

I’ll be back Wednesday 31st July. Usually about 5pm. I can meet Wayne at Stourport or at home.


Thanks for that @mickbald


The proper way to build DACs (that plus valves)

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Are you OK with this Wayne @crimsondonkey ?

No :wink:


Fuck !