Meat Taxi

Right. Being a complete numpty, while loading up my stuff in the rain when leaving Lopwell, I left two bags of records behind.
Luckily @stu found them and they are now safe but in the deep South West.

Before risking couriers and such, is anybody traveling through or from there to somewhere we can meet up ? I’m in Oxfordshire but (shift dependent) am prepared to travel to meet someone. Any detours by Meat Men will be fuel compensated.

Please let me know.

Isn’t it best, that all that prog, just disappears?



Ebay value of two boxes of prog = £2.63


Do you remember which records they are?

As my Gran used to say, “If you can’t say summat positive - fuck off !”


Listening to prog keeps him off the streets Gregg. The last thing anyone should do is take it away from him…

If you can get them up to Bob in Cheshire, I can pick them up and take them up to BobC when we go up to the Lakes at August Bank Holiday. Perhaps he could send them on a submarine to Pmac and he could bring them to the Northern meat up?


I will be travelling to Witney or Wantage sometime in the next month
Don’t know exactly when.

Happy to do do something -I can easily collect them and can leave them at a retired mates in Freeland if a meetup cannot be organised.
It’s prog after all it’s worth it.

I could take them off your hands in Wantage Andy.


It all sounds like a terribly long winded palaver & getting them up to Oxford won’t be easy either.

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This is true. I’m not expecting heroic efforts from others as it was my cock up.
If it can’t be done easily, then I shall be coughing up for postage.

I’m talking about the content rather than the logistics. :grinning:


Yep, whoosh moment :pensive:

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Terry @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi I am meeting a mate on Wednesday in Devon, on holidays here who is happy to take them home and safely look after these LP’s for you - He lives in Freeland - You will need to pick them up from there-he is retired so at home a lot Approx OX29 8AN. He has a record player himself so understands safe storage.

Alternatively I will be in Wantage on 18th July and happy to deliver to Graemes in Didcot

Or suggest something else

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That sounds great Andy. Freeland isn’t too far from here. Shift dependent, I can get there midweek/weekend. Whichever suits.

PM me his details and when he’ll be home.

Will do.

I just had another look and it’s just as close (slightly closer) to get to Wantage. I’m in no real rush (I can stream the albums), so whatever works for you.

Thanks for the offer Andy @Adpully but all sorted now.

OK Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier.

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