Meat Wagon - Worcester'ish to Luton'ish

I’ve just bought Wayne’s SP-10 and wondered if anybody was traveling in a Worcester to Luton type direction in the next few weeks.

Happy to compensate with Tape / Record / Beer type vouchers for the lucky individual selected :grinning:


I’m going to Spiders on Saturday. If @crimsondonkey coulld drop it off or we could meet up, is there any one from Tim’s bake off going your way?

Thanks Mick.

Anybody heading this way from Tim’s bake ?

Will travel for tape!

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No can do Tape but Tape vouchers :+1:

Chintz sofa ? Weirdo !


@freefallrob ?

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Plenty of options around Wayne’s area to drop off to that will get it to Tim’s for you Mick…I’m sure it can be arranged :grinning:

Cheers Micky, Wayne’s only 1/2 an hour away so no problem with that leg. Only problem is that it needs to be with me before I set off on Saturday as I need to drop Jan off at work then drive over.

Tim’s to Luton is the journey.

I paid good money so that didn’t ever get published! :rage:

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Ain’t that the troot ?

Alternately if someone can meet me halfway I can drive down the motorway a bit.

EXACTLY my thought on seeing it, scary likeness

Shut it you, what a man does with a roll of tape in his own home is his business.

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I can bring it down to Northampton from Tim’s bake if that helps Mike.

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Thanks very much for that Nick but I think I’m going to leave it with Wayne until early Jan, as the plinth won’t be ready until then, anyway.