Melco network switch

I’ve just seen a review of a network switch.

A hifi review of a network switch. I’d forgotten how credulous people are in this hobby. :joy::joy::joy: Fek me.

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Please don’t provide a link, I don’t want to read it :grinning:

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Only works with the two grand ethernet cables obvs.

Here’s a switch for a grand just to keep you happy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok I won’t link you to the HiFiPig review in which Stuart loses his damn mind. :joy::joy:

I came across it in an advert on Instagram. It made my head hurt so much I thought I’d share the pain.

Sweet Jesus. “Optimised for music streaming”.

As if music files are somehow more difficult to transfer than any other type of file. :joy::joy::joy:

It makes the ones onier and the zeros very zero.

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If nobody has yet used the tagline “making streaming more liquid” then I am giving up and going into hifi advertising.


Was that the one with the fibre networking? I’ll let my IT team know that we need to replace the copper with fibre to media converters at each PC…

I was sent the eight port version of that. It (obviously) didn’t do anything different to a normal switch but it does come in a really nice metal case. I was annoyed when I had to give it back because it made my rack setup much more logical. Not annoyed enough to actually buy one but annoyed all the same.


@Tons_of_fun could use that in a review.

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As in ‘taking the piss’?

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Meh, audiophile grade switches are old hat* :grinning:

*of course I’ve got one


Do they do one optimised for porn streaming? I would like flesh tones more fleshy.


‘Optimised for trolling’ might be more useful.

I have four switches in my house. Do I need to replace them all, or just the two that are used within streaming systems?

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Unless you rewire the mains it’s not worth it of course

At least Manley make high quality in-house products, rather than re-boxing a cheap, commonplace, mundane, high-street item. You can also buy cheap RCA switches - but having tried a QED one for A/Bing stuff, the signal degradation is blindingly obvious.