Metrum Hex R2R NOS DAC

Listed over on PFM, but happy to hear from anyone here that might be interested

One of the best bang for buck R2R DAC’s out there, smooth, detailed, engaging and with fantastic input / output flexibility.

This unit has all the optional extras, so has the USB input as well as the Lundahl Transformers on the RCA outputs. I found it to be quite favourable via its Balanced digital input. if the new owner would like it, I can include a Canare 110 ohm Balanced XLR Digital interconnect with the purchase of this unit.

Not long after I bought it, it sadly started blowing fuses, and was then sent back to Metrum for repair. It needed a new power supply on the input side and this has been replaced and the unit thoroughly inspected at the factory all at my cost sadly.

I’m looking at the same price as the original post £1200 and for that i’ll include UK postage, and also the XLR interconnect


Pictures may be helpful for engagement - and it’s a lot easier to post them here than on Fink Pish (ctrl+C / ctrl+V).


On hold pending funds