Michell Cusis M Cartridge


Has anyone had any experience using the Michell Cusis M cartridge? I understand it made Excel sounds, the same people that make the Hana Umami Red. The internals look the same.

It will be interesting in how they compare as one is over a £1000 cheaper than the other.

I might be being sent one in Jan for review. I’ve tested the two cheaper ones already. The Cusis S in particular, is absolutely outstanding.


Have you heard the Hana Umami Red?

I have not, I’m afraid. I can’t remember who got the sample and did the reviews but it wasn’t me.

It was Nick Tate. A group test appeared in the current HiFi Choice with the Umami Red coming out top. It was also the most expensive cartridge in the test.

When I was looking Mick @ Unique described it as a step up from the Red and the cart to beat in that sort of price range

Seem to have the same Samarium/Cobalt magnet, permalloy armature, 5Ns copper windings, boron cantilever and microline stylus, but a few important differences -

Michell Cusis M:

Body material Carbon Loaded Acrylic
Output 0.25mV
Freq response 15-45,000Hz
Weight 8.1g
Price: £2,300

Hana Umami:

Body material Duralumin (A7075), Ebony Wood
Output 0.40mV
Freq response 15-50,000Hz
Weight 10.5 g
Channel Separation >30dB/1kH
Price: £3,400

Different enough that you’d want to hear both, but at those prices, fishing in different ponds…

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