Microwave internal fuse?

Our microwave has blown its internal fuse, I think due to an air vent being inadvertently blocked. I want to replace it and see if all is okay….
Where do I get one from? I don’t know what they are called.

Next to a 13amp plug fuse for reference.

What’s the text around both the metal ends say? That will give you the type, rating etc.


I’ll try and read it, it’s tricky…

I know it’s 10amp

Measure the length in mm and Google

Looking at it I’d say it’s a 17 Fluvial with a 3 flurp. (I may be a tad pished though)

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Or just photograph the rest of it, I can read 250v in the photo

30mm long.
250 V
10 A
The text a can read (some I can’t) 65TL.

Hmmm, seems I can just order them off Amazon Prime.
Thanks for the pointers chaps, I thought it would be trickier than that!

Clap is the forum fuse expert :ok_hand:

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For future reference:

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I once met someone who’d tried using one of the 2000A Slow-Blow types across the terminals of a heavy duty car battery. He was missing a hand.


Yes! I am a microwave genius.

IT’S ALIVE :grinning:

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