Modwright 36.5 dm

modwright 36.5 dm [2 box model] in silver . purchased ex demo from uk distributor , approx 5 years old. perfect working order and sounds amazing . this is my second modwright pre . selling to fund second system

these were selling s/h at one dealer for 5.5k but i want 3650 for this please. meet-up or collect . i am allergic to couriers and would not send a 2 box valve amp with them . based i birmingham

heavy metal remote

beautiful expansive sound , from the review
Dan Wright at ModWright might believe that both viewpoints are right but neither in possession of the complete picture. With his PS 36.5 external power supply for the LS 36.5 remote-controlled 6H30-based line stage though, he clearly has placed his bet. Power supplies make a difference. Overbuild, separate and go deep into mono: two power transformers, two chokes, two tube rectifiers, two 6EA7/6GM7 voltage regulators, a discrete relay control transformer, a discrete filament transformer for the voltage regulation tubes, all enclosed in a separate but matching enclosure. This receives AC from the wall via single cord, rectifies and smoothes it and then passes it along as discrete voltages to be processed for actual sound in the LS 36.5 control chassis via a “ROHS-compliant, mil-spec Amphenol connector with threaded sleeve connection. It’s a serious umbilical connector, more than 1 inch in diameter and just hell for stout.”

“It truly elevates the performance of the 36.5, I believe, to a degree that matches the improvement going from the 9.0SE to the 36.5. The improvements with the outboard supply include much better separation, imaging and a bigger and more detailed soundstage. The bottom end and weight of the presentation is much greater with very fast, deep, tight and controlled bass. The stereo separation of course is attributable to the dual mono design. By using two transformers, the current load on each transformer is halved, allowing for greater current availability to the driver tubes which results in greater body and bottom end extension and punch. The unit exposes the vacuum tube rectifiers to allow use of the 5AR4/GZ34, GZ37, 5U4G, 5U4GB, 5V4, 5V4GB and their variants. Lastly, the use of discrete tube voltage regulators allowed for greater control, speed, transients, microdynamics and detail.” Thus promised the Dan man.
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Does it work with any other kind of music?


works with everything , rock , classic , electronica , you name it

price reduced 3499 , its a pretty good price considering these rrp 8.5k new

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now sold , thanks

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