Modwright kwi200

Not a for sale yet, just trying to get an idea of value on this. Not many of them around that I can see, but I’m out the hifi game so no idea where hifi actually sells these days.

Don’t think anyone imports them to the uk now and I can’t remember how much I paid for it about 6 years ago.
It has the dac fitted but not the phono module.

So how much should I put it up for?

Hi Fi Shark suggests somewhere between £2.5K and £3.5K. Don’t seems to be many about at all.

My brother in law might be interested.
Is it silver or black.

Click ‘sold/expired’.

I reckon about £2k is more realistic these days, certainly no more than £2.5k.

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Sold mine (without DAC or phono) for £2,500 a couple of years ago and it went fairly quickly.

I reckon you’d be fair with somewhere around £2.5k now.

Doesn’t the DAC use a hiface1 which doesn’t work with Mac now?


Black one :+1:

And thanks everyone else, very helpful

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