Modwright LS100 price?

My preamp is currently on the blink after doing a pretty fireworks display with the 5Y3 rectifier.

Whilst getting it repaired I thought I’d give a Modwright LS100 a try.

Is £1650 a good price for one of these as I don’t want to lose too much when it comes to selling it?

Has it got an onboard phono or DAC board? If so thats about the price they seem to go for. I know that the UK price has had a recent hike of 20-25% due to the fall in the £ but everyone is going to look at the pre rise used prices so £1650 is good. I’m not sure of the current price as I can’t get Jacks website to load the page.

How long will your pre be out of action for?

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new: £3650
new with phono upgrade: £4500
new with DSC upgrade: £5200

It’s the Phono version, not sure of the age though.

Suspect the pre may take a while to fix, but I’d say at least a few weeks if it is something simple as he’s quite busy anyway.

I’ve heard it in a couple of different systems Chris - I thought it sounded pretty good in both :+1:

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Just noticed emporium is selling a Border Patrol L2 preamp

Is this likely to be much better than the Modwright?

So nearly £3k under list. A pretry safe bet I would say and a lovely pre even if you don’t intend using the phonstage.

Does sound like a good deal so have just taken the plunge.

Fingers crossed.

I personally wouldn’t pay more than £1400 for one with a DAC and a phono stage, as the LS36.5’s go for £1800-2000 and although they don’t have a DAC and phono stage, the preamp is much better.

Modwright values seem to be dropping compared to other marks, not dramatically, but they are dropping 5 - 10% per annum.

Probably because of you Bob…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to think so. I have been pipped twice for a 36.5 I may add, both times by people I know and I hesitated just that bit too long.

If you are seriously after a 36.5 Bob I know of one that might be coming on the market in the next month or two.

I may be at the right price, I have got bored with the complete competency of my Krell KRC3.

Just stick another shakti stone on top of it Bob, that’ll utterly transform it.


I’ll let you know but like I said it might be a few weeks yet.

I already have one…


Beware the description is lifted from the BP website and does not describe the amp they have.

That pre has a pcb and Hovland caps, the description talks of oak board and Dueland cast caps… not the same by any stretch. I am sure it will be very nice but the description is not accurate.

Your pre will be fixed asap :wink:

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Bob there is a 36.5 just come up for sale.on the Wam.

Thanks, but £2400 is too much.