....more armchair politics (Part 2)

Doubt it, he’s already said he has no interest in taking it back and is a fan of the old witch.

That is what he says now, once he tanks the economy and inflation is hurting, a good old foreign war is a well tried diversionary tactic. Especially from the Right

Covid enquiry - Johnson clearly bamboozled and confused by science - Sir Patrick Vallance.
Well who’d have thunk it.

In intriguing local news, there are so few young conservatives left that an organisation that attempted to represent them has thrown in the towel;

It highlights the fascinating issue that virtually no Conservative MP has yet grasped that all the dynamic tax cutting, state shrinking spirit of Thatcher shite is effectively impossible when your core support is of advancing years and rather needs all the bits of the state you’re proposing to lop off.


A lot of people are skint (Thanks to the Tories) the idea of a Tax increase is worrisome. I can see buying votes by tax bribery to be popular with a few who haven’t worked out the false economy of it all.

We had an interesting variation on a theme in a recent district-level election : South Holland would vote for a dog turd in a blue rosette, but of the seven candidates, five were “Independent” crypto-tories who were desperate to distance themselves from Westminster, one “official” Conservative who proved to be not even an actual member of the Conservative party and was only there because she enjoys the attention, and our Labour candidate who came last!

Less than 500 people voted, and an Independent tied with “Conservative” - so they literally flipped a coin for it. Afterwards it was discovered both were ineligible to stand by reason of disqualification: one not being what she said she was, and the winner of the flip not actually belonging to an appropriate political organisation, or indeed, any… She nonetheless stays in post because no-one cares enough to do anything about it…

Boroughs do not come much more Rotten…

My guess is the tories will be offering everything to everyone in the run up to the election.
At present,they are banking on their version of get brexit done with the stop the boats mantra.
They really are offering no hope for the country at the moment.

Favourite label I’ve seen today.


Hasty edit.


Sadly I think it’s a fake

apparently not

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I think the official @10DowningStreet twitter account is this one.

One is Twitter, one is Insta which might account for it?

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I think it was an Instagram post, not X, and it appears to be the official account

btw thevampireswife is Susie Cave

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Oof, then a very embarrassing gaffe by one of his staff.

Or not, maybe :man_shrugging:


Bought to you by Grandma’s Home-knitted Memes.

It’s official and legal


He’s such a snowflake! I get called much worse at work… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: