More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


That doesn’t look like a fit competitor for the old Skyraider, never mind an A10!

How the fuck does such gross corruption (ours & theirs) go unpunished?

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I worked on them for a couple of years. Pain in the ass.

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Depends whether killing or injuring your own through handling depleted uranium rounds bothers you much

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I have kind of gotten addictive to Fesshole after it was linked to yesterday.

Todays favourite is

I put my flatmate’s frozen sausages up my arse because they take the piss out of me being vegetarian



Aaaah … Cricklewood Trolleybus. I think they were over-optimistic releasing this as a single. Fair play to them with the video though. All those extras must have cost a fortune, not to mention the costumes and classic motors. StreetView eat your heart out !


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You’ve just cost me £22 by posting that.


No congestion charge as well.

I slummed it with with the dual CD of A Day In The Life and Down Here On The Ground for £7.99.

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Public Service Announcement
Feel free to start some actual threads rather than pollute this eternally festering stream of consciousness.

Forum …etc

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I thought the clue was in the title… shit that doesn’t need a thread. You having an existential crisis?

I like lots of different threads. If it is shit enough not to need its own thread maybe it should be just messaged to Jim or summat. Or just left in yer head.

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Organised fun only please :wink:

If a thread’s crap, it’ll die on its own. It shouldn’t stop anyone creating one, though.

This one takes on a life of its own sometimes and while it’s relatively simple to carve out stuff that has been going on for seventy-odd posts(@dom), I’d rather not have the hassle. I don’t particularly like the idea of this thread in general but I suppose it serves as a mini Discord server for geriatrics.

@crimsondonkey I’ll organise you up and down our stairs nowinaminute.


How do you know if it deserves a thread before you’ve created it?

You don’t always (often?) The way Discourse is built is a halfway house between traditional forums and chat servers like Discord. So it lends itself to threads like this. I’m just saying there are times when it would be obvious to start something new but through laziness, it just gets dumped in here. It’s quite awkard to parse when there are long conversations going on about something, with other random crap littered about in between.