More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


What with this and the Bulger film, I get the distinct feeling that the film industry is following the News industry, racing to the bottom.

Very disturbing and worrying.


The interface for w10 is so shit.


Its what happens when you let millennials who’ve grown up with apps and touch screens design an operating system.

Bottom line is we’re old skool, 20+yrs out of date.


Was just about to say - we’re getting old. This is 60% of the problem.


Someone at work asked our resident yoof (19) for advice on what laptop to buy.
He shrugged and said 'What would you want a laptop for?, haven’t you got a phone?"
He doesn’t own one, none of his friends do and he seriously didn’t understand why anyone would want or need a laptop.


I’m going to buy shares in specsavers as trying to look at shit on a smartphone they’ll all be blind as a bat by 35.


Oh they use computers at work and have tablets and stuff at home but would never think of buying a laptop




I am intrigued as to what you were searching for to stumble upon that website.

Mind you food for thought for valentine’s gifts


My fiancée sent me the link , maybe it is a valentines hint :thinking:






She says she loves it, and I’m sure she does, but the garage would make a much, much better home cinema without the helicopter.



Not if you just watch Airwolf all the time.


Any excuse…


Earworms all round!


and another earworm, thanks to Hyundai.