More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Haven’t old bill got anything better to do?

Huge cannabis factory discovered on Birmingham estate


If only the growers would pay for an art gallery or two everything would be OK…


This is going to cause some shit


Just a wee bit.


Exactly what they should be doing.




They’ve got a team!? I wonder what league they play in?

“West Midlands police’s cannabis team”


I love the bit I saw somewhere where the Huawei network level switches software has the same bugs as the Ericson software that predates it.


Sounds a bit like copying the wrong answers at school


I’ll just leave this here…:ok_hand:


Must be that cannabis team at work.


Really irritating now. Triggers as much revulsion as the One Show music.

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Gilmour flogging off his guitar collection:

Including The Black Strat and Strat #0001


Times must be hard in Chez Gilmour :roll_eyes:


More likely he is offloading life laundry, does he have a fatal illness?


Yes - collecting guitars!


Report says he’s giving proceeds to charity.


Jesus Bob. Calm down.


I reckon the 2 Stratocasters I mentioned will smash the million pound mark and a good few of the others will go for high 6 figures too. All for charity so an incredibly generous gesture.