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I know I’m a moany, out of touch old cunt but when the fuck did influencer become a thing FFS? Or even a word!

Influencer Rachel Hollis Is Facing Accusations She Is Plagiarizing On Her Instagram



When You Tube/Instagram/Snapchat became a thing.
Get some percieved credibility behind you and a load of subscribers and start telling people that this make up/hifi/golf club/jacket/watch brand is the best/worst and watch the sponsorship roll in, and the income from the platform now you have enough viewers for advertisers to pay to access them.

Big bucks for some.


Trump blotter acid . . .


A load of bad trips there. :grinning:


So advertising then


Sort of, in the same way a car review show is advertising the cars, they may well get a negative review but the subscribers pay attention. So the peoples opinions influence other peoples purchases but the suppliers don’t normally pay the influencer directly.

This sort of thing

Not suggesting you watch this but the guy doing the reviews isn’t paid by the manufacturers but certainly influence peoples buying decisions, similar to HiFI Choice review 5 x CD players under £1500, that sort of thing.

The golf guy has over 5000 subscribers to his you tube channel,


Yes, some of them recently got taken to task for advertising thinly disguised as recommendations. It appears the ASA has said that vloggers will have to back up claims they make about a product with evidence, should throw some of them off kilter at least.


no shit man…i’ve been a footwear influencer for decades.


Should have mentioned that some have 20 million followers and the beauty advice types make serious money at it.





Effluencer more like