More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Is it OK to still think he’s a cunt though?


Yeah, it’s probably just some tax dodge :wink:


Suppose so. I always thought Waters was a bigger one though.


50 years ago today.

Corrected link


A good article from tonight Evening Standard. I hadn’t realised it went on 45 minutes.


No wonder they look cold!

There is a guy that runs a tour that stops outside No3 Savile Row, probably once a week. He has been delivering the same robotic speil for all the time I have worked on the street which is the best part of 35 years. I’ve watched him get old. :confused:


I just heard David Gilmour is being hung for tax evasion and that prick Roger Waters is selling off his guitar collection! :upside_down_face:


Hanged (not literally though).




And he has watched you get old too. :smile:


Yes, hence the sad emoji


I feel like I saw that footage at or around that time. But I can’t believe it would have been broadcast on live TV in 1969. Does anyone know how where or when it was shown originally? I recall them doing Get Back.

They just had a piece on R4 news saying that Peter Jackson is to make a new film about the recording of Let it Be utilising that & other footage.

Maybe it was just the documentary they made but it felt like it was on the news.


Maybe I meant on a wall, like a portrait :thinking:


Gramps in I saw it only yesterday on the magic lantern shocker.


For coughs & colds


It wasn’t.

There were various songs shown in isolation afterwards, including one on TOTP Christmas special in 1969.


That may have been it.


The world got its first glimpse of the rooftop concert via the promo clip for the Get Back/Don’t Let Me Down single. It appeared four times on the UK’s Top Of The Pops between April 24 and May 22. A colour version was shown on the 1969 TOTP Christmas special. America got its first taste of the rooftop gig via the Get Back clip shown on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour on April 30.

Source: Mojo


Cracking song and performance!

Watched it many many times