More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Rather ironically most of this tech has been stolen from western companies via spying.


Looks like Audio Note have finally joined the 21st century…


Feckin’ Muricans…


Perhaps the answer is to give guns to all Murcans wait a few months and see who’s left.


That’s what they’re doing.


The “ease Klipschorns into the conversation subtly” strategy didn’t quite play out in reality like it did in my head.



That guy has his finger on the pulse. :roll_eyes:

The kidz have been getting into cassette for ages, helped along by Guardians of the Galaxy.


Churning stomach time…


No, just no.



I am after one of these perfectly suited for us.


We’ve been looking at the new Jimny to possibly replace Hel’s Mini Clubman.


Jimny is the new Astra?


This poor old lady mistook filler foam for her hair mousse



I made a wall pregnant with foam filler


You should have just stuck (no pun intended) with the original towel rail.



The unthinkable has happened. My 16 year old Alfa has passed its MOT only needing a minor fix to the number plate bracket.


To put it back in the middle?


It was a hole through the wall where an extractor was fitted, think I filled the cavity too. I wasn’t popular as it dropped onto the brand new bath :woman_facepalming:t3: