More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Are you any good at concreting?



A few years ago I managed to get a small quantity onto the worktop surface of our kitchen pier. I quickly scraped the thickest of it off. Since then nothing, but nothing, has shifted the thin trace which remains (I haven’t tried wet-and-dry).



I super-glued my finger to the workbench in my garage. I hadn’t noticed, pulled my hand away and left some skin behind stuck to the worktop. That was 2005. There’s still a tiny patch of skin there, complete with fingerprint


I am returning an item to Amazon and they have supplied a QR code label. I cannot seem to print this off so can I just turn up at my local depot and have them scan it?


If you mean Royal Mail depot, then yes. Take it to the bit that you pick your parcels up from.


Thankfully I had some silicone removal gel that removed it, I had horrors when gf went for wet cloth, that would’ve been new bath.


Thanks I will take my iPhone along.


Hope it works, we can do that at our office, so in that there London you should be fine.


Suzuki are very high up the rankings on reliability.


Yep they are. The overall package and styling of the Jimny really suits her as well.


HMV saved ? At least from Ashley.


Any news on stores, I guess we will lose Kettering this time round. I know HMV aren’t the best but only shop in our area and staff are excellent.


27 to close, guess it’s a bit early to announce which ones will go, although I half expect my local one to go, even though it’s only been open since November.

I know there’s not a lot of love for the modern incarnation of HMV, but on balance I’d rather they were around than not.

The new owner seems to have a clue though, so maybe there’s hope.


I still like to pop in and buy cds, especially box sets. Call me old fashioned but I like boxes that haven’t been customised by delivery men.

They stock a lot more vinyl but still a lot of tat. Hopefully get back to music only.

Shame about Ashley, I was hoping to pick up my Lonsdale shell suits with my cds :smile:


Deleted as the list of closed HMV’s has been posted elsewhere.
I wondered why it wasn’t up… :roll_eyes:


There’s a thread directly related to summat.
Shock. Horror.


And summat not posted to three different threads.
Fuck me, we’re slipping… :smile:

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