Motorcycle Challenge raising money for Childrens Fund for Cancer

This is basically a thread to beg for support for a challenge I will be doing starting next Thurday 8th August.

In a ‘that sounds like a good idea moment’ I have agreed to take part in this challenge to raise money for Cancer Fund For Children.

Over 2000 miles in 4 days, I will be doing it on my 20 year old Triumph Tiger.

Harlequin Manufacturing has commited to raise £10000 in 2022 for this charity.




I feel sorry for your backside Mick :grimacing::grimacing: :grinning::grinning:

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632 miles done today, East Kirkby to Dunnet Head then on to Lybester to the hotel.


Going to be walking like John Wayne after this.


Easier day today with mileage but a lot of single track roads with lots of gravel. Lybster to Ardnamurchan Light House then on to the hotel in Balloch total mileage 990.
Big day tomorrow 600 miles + down to Lizard Point then on to Truro.


Day 3 done didn’t check the mileage on the bike when I got off but I think it’s around 1600 miles done. Balloch at the bottom end of Loch Lomond to Lizard Point took 14 hours including stops for food and fuel.


How’s your arse holding up Mick?

My arse isn’t too bad, but my knees are killing me. The foot pegs are slightly too high.

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We all look knackered


We have done it. 2156 miles in total. Today was Truro to Lowestoft Ness then back to East Kirkby where we started Thursday morning. Knackered but it was great, bike done well considering it’s 20 years old.

Finally thank you to everyone that donated to the just giving page it has made it all worth while.

Now to start planning the next one!


Excellent achievement mate, and it sounds like you had a good time, bum-bashing notwithstanding.

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It was great, bloody hard at times but I’m so glad I done it.


Chapeau ! :wave:

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