Motoring horrors aka Edd wants

I give you this. This should not be a thing.

Amazing how he thinks it is now worth 45k USD…

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Ferrari = engine, So it might as well be a kit car now.

Possibly not worth even $4500


Bloody tragic. Really like the 456. Not in that colour, obviously.

HOLY FUCKING FUCK! Americans are so fucking stupid…

I might suggest it to a mate so he can convert his. He’s so purist he even rebuilt some faulty switch just to keep the car fully original.

What a bell end. Shall we club together, buy it and then just set fire to it to put it out of its misery?


If he wanted to use it everyday why not put a more reliable engine in it? The lights are a bit marmite mind.

I’m struggling to give a fuck tbh. Just a bit bored. Don’t even fancy nipping off for a wank.

Yet you posted…

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Yes I did. I posted.

And again.

You fucking pork tard.


I know. It’s fucking great. Posting away.

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Meanwhile, someone has replaced a 4 speed slushbox in a Ferrari with a 4 speed slushbox?

I can understand wanting a reliable car for the commute, but why not just get - or build - a reliable car?

Yeah, what a bell end.

OK, for the jury to consider next;

Porsche :heavy_check_mark:
Air cooled :heavy_check_mark:
Turbo :heavy_check_mark:
Scary fast :heavy_check_mark:

All going well but also;

Left unattended near Uwe Gemballa :heavy_check_mark:

It’s for sale HERE if you’ve enough money remaining from spray tans, heavy jewelry and linen jackets to find the two hundred grand needed to secure it.



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I’m surprised the front wheels are still on the ground.

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A bit of a wheelbarrow

Very Vanilla Ice.

It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure, but I’ve seen worse.

Like those bloody Zagato things you love so much… :wink: