Motoring horrors aka Edd wants

Are you sure it was piss?
It was a bit stickier than piss wasn’t it.


You know it makes sense… :star_struck:

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Probably the first time when a knock off is of better quality than the original.

Make up your own mind with this one, but :face_vomiting:

Scroll up

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Must admit I’d totally missed that - how, I don’t know, as it leaves a lasting impression…

I am quite partial to things Alfa Romeo. Not that thing though. No.

I shall go and look at pictures of 33’s.

Agreed. Much more attractive…

A Lada Riva is more attractive.

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Always like the 'sud and the sprint (two brothers near me had one of each, respectively, back in the late 80’s) and of the more modern Alfa’s, the 159’s a good-looking estate. Like the look and sound of the 4C and the Giulia Quadrifoglio though :grin:

The SUV’s however…

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Good set of invacar restoration videos on hubnut.
I absolutely have not watched the series, no.


916 Spiders are the best ones.

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In red. Faster in red.

Definitely red for any spider/Spyder.

Pharmacists can seem like such a serious bunch so it’s nice to see one throwing caution to the wind and splashing the cash


Looks like the 'plate has been doctored…

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Some rarities in Belgium…

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