Motoring horrors aka Edd wants

Fooley, it must be typo, innit?

Bond mini car 1960.


A school friend had one of those. Kick start and to reverse you picked up the front and turned it round.


That could be interesting on a trip to Longleat


With a very flimsy body it would just be a longpig sandwich for a lion

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Being the worst kind of pedant I must point out that is not reversing. The vehicle is still going forwards, albeit in the opposite direction.

I win.


And in some style…

But it’s only 3’ long. That handle on the back is so that you can pick it up and take it on the bus.

Punctilious pedantic point duly noted. :grinning:

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That rear spoiler just have to stop it from hitting warp factor 5.
But would it get anywhere near an Astra?

I guess the back half is actually a boat?

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And in contrast to the kiddy Alfa, some fugly.

I win.

27 litre V12 FTW .:star_struck:


Remember when that glorious monstrosity first emerged, and R-R quickly slapped them with a ‘cease-&-desist’ for using the rad and SoE! I think it was the tank engine variant of the Merlin they used - so all torque and no revs.

It would take a person of advanced Testicular Fortitude to take that behemoth much over 90!

It was last MOT’d in 2017 with just 9689 miles on the clock. It’s now MOT exempt but is still taxed so I assume it is still on the road.

They had a sense of humour failure over the thunderbirds film using a RR even though it looked exactly like one

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The Moskovich after an absence of 20 years is going back into production, due to motor manufacturers leaving Russia .
The great news is that due to sanctions, they won’t be available over here. Bonus.

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:open_mouth: Desperation : The Car