Move day

We had a full service move with Pickfords, 26 years ago, and they were excellent.
It was a difficult location, and a difficult old house, and the did a great job, always friendly and helpful.

Always use the strong men and relax.

I shall be doing this later this month. Contracts have exchanged but the sellers can’t leave until the 16th. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the move but I’m keen to leave my post divorce digs.


This all reads like a terrible odyssey of manual labor. What are your servants doing? The promise of figs for Christmas should get them going.

Good luck with it all.

I am never selling a house again.

And I am never moving house again.

Fuck THAT shit.



I hope he rang you before lunch and that all the rest of the move went like clockwork.

Stick the iffy turntable at the bottom of the box to stop it sliding around :+1:

Best of luck with it all. I’m absolutely sure it’ll all be fine.

Meekychukinfunky :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hope it all went as smoothly as poss. Hate moving. Never again.

Well that was hellish. The computer system at one of the pieces in the chain broke down so with a deadline of 5pm, at 4 we were sitting outside the developers of our new place being told that it was unlikely to go through that day and we should start looking for a hotel.
4.45 their system got fixed and we got the keys so 90% of my energy had been spent trying not to fly into a hulk smash rage.
Pickfords moves us in with only a few fuckups which were all putting things in the wrong room but they had been sitting around for 4 hours by that time.
Spent yesterday building flat pack from ikea and moving stuff around.
Also my moving in present to myself arrived. A fuck off huge telly and sound bar. No internet until Friday tho so can’t watch much.
So in all a successful but stressful move in.


At least you are in your new home!