Move day

In the spirit of sharing inane personal details on the internet. Today is our house move day. Pickfords are gutting our old place as I type and the solicitor assured me that all is well but still I feel like I’m about to go over Niagara falls in a barrel. Only the second time I’ve ever done this where I’ve actually bought somewhere. Anyway feel free to mock and ridicule my over sharing.


Good luck hopefully the rain will hold off during the critical times.

Oh it’s pissing down at the mo. That really fine ‘wet’ rain that soaks you to your skin. Fingers crossed it brightens up a bit.

Hope all goes well. When we did our last move, we had hours to wait until taking the keys to the new house. Sat in a coffee shop loading up on caffeine and surfing, but still stressful.

I still remember the moving team getting my Lowthers into the basement. They had planned a system, when all of a sudden one of them piped up with something along the lines of “yeah, but if you lose your grip then I’ll fall down these brick steps and 25 stone of speaker will land on me and totally kill me”. They still did it.


Moving house is absolutely no fun. Best of luck with it.

I’ll be doing it soon and I’m not looking forward to it one bit - going through 25 year’s worth of accumulated shite :grimacing:

Hope the day goes well for you :+1:

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Moved last week and it was a fucking nightmare, only moved 2 miles away but still very stressful.

Aka reading forums while other people pack.

We’ve moved 6 times as a couple over 42 years. The last and final move was 2010. Done now, never again. I didn’t find it that stressful, not enjoyable but I’ve had more stressful situations. I’d say frustrating more than stressful - particularly with the legal side of things.

Good luck with your move in the rain. Pissing down here on the south coast today.

Remember the golden rule: pack absolutely all the shit, and then throw half of it away after you’ve arrived.


Moved too many times to mention. And across the World. Twice.
Never easy or fun, always stressful. Hopefully though, all worthwhile.

Good luck. You’ll get through it. Try (!) not to stress too much. Once the furniture is in, sit amongst the boxes, open a bottle of your favourite tipple and relax.

It is only a moment in time.

Moved three years ago this coming Friday. Hired a Luton van, took 2 days to drive up to Fetlar (massively overloaded!) unloaded it all myself, spent a couple of nights in the new house and drove back and did it all again. Drove back to Hartlepool for the second time and returned the van, then filled the car and trailer with the last of the stuff and drove back to Fetlar.

14 days in all.

Never again.

Removal company quoted £4.5k to do it. Cost me about £1.5k. Still wonder if it was all worth it for the saving.


poor reputation and argue about damage so good luck with them, go straight to Law if an issue#
#1 used Shore Porters to move from Aberdeen to High Wycombe and they did a good job at a fair price as it was a shared load, there again we brought valuable stuff back in 2 cars

hope all goes well

I was amazed at how much shite I’d collected after just 5 years, managed to fill one of those hippo megabags and a few carfulls to the dump.

Was ruthless though, said to myself that if I haven’t used something in the last 6 months it was going in the bin.

We moved here 34 years ago. We had bought a piece of land and planned to live in a caravan while it was being built. Removers arrived to put everything in storage and it started to snow, and snow and snow.

So they couldn’t get the van on the site for a week, then we couldn’t get water or sewage for 3 weeks or electric for another week.

Luckily friends ( the builder) put us, 2 mad dogs and a cat up for the week.

It was worth it in the end.

Good luck


Good luck with the move. Remember the old tip, first job is to get the bed put together and made. The rest can wait.

Good luck, I hope and trust all goes well!

We had a major cull before our recent move from Oxford to Devon and just used a Man and Luton Van hire plus our own transport chocked full. I shared carrying with the Van Man. it saved me £800 but Maybe it wasn’t really worth it.

Unfortunately we have 2 houses worth of stuff we have to move. Our own and a bunch of stuff from my mums that wasn’t obvious rubbish from dealing with her estate.
The Pickfords guys have been great so far. We went full service and not having to pack or lump stuff up and down stairs has been fantastic.
Just sitting in our old place waiting for the solicitor to call now.