Msb s200

Due to reorganisation my lovely msb class AB amp is available , it was bought from msb dealer who had it for 3 months as demo model . Beautiful textured sound . i think rrp was 14600

just 3795 , cant post it as its too heavy . it has its own built in suspension system in the legs . has a remote control and comes with a RFC hyperion 1.5m xlr if anyone wants

birmingham location

this is stock photo
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and this is mine

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from the blurb

The S200 is a 200W stereo Amplifier built along the same design approach as our world renown M203 monoblocks. Never has so much Class A power been packed into such an amazingly compact and attractive design.

Some amplifiers hold an image together well with multiple instruments playing but were not capable of fully resolving the individual instruments or soundstage. Other amplifiers simply sound wonderful until more than two or three things started happening at once! We even listened to a few amplifiers that seemed to be completely missing notes in low frequencies! The S200 amplifier was designed from the ground up to resolve the well organized and truthful harmonics of the best sources like MSBs own DAC IV series. The dynamics get special attention with a quiet and robust power supply with deep current reserves. The S200 plays music beautifully and will hold a solid image for each instrument especially when the music gets complex and many instruments are going at once, with out being harsh or edgy. It is a Reference Amplifier, and capable of driving the gambit of speakers.


Inputs: True Balanced (XLR), Input Impedance 36kOhm
Single-Ended (RCA), Input Impedance 18kOhm
• Input Sensitivity: 2.15 Vpp 200W (High Gain +34db)
4.3 Vpp @ 200W (Low Gain +28db)
• Max. Linear Input Range: 5 Vpp
• Max. Input Voltage: 20 Vpp
• Transistors: All Bi-Polar
• Feedback: Zero Negative Local & Global Feedback
• Damping Factor: 80
• Signal to Noise Ratio: >120 dB
• Power Rating: 200 Watts at 8 Ohms; capable of driving a 2 Ohm load
• Static Power Consumption: 320 Watts
• Filter Capacitance: 249,600 uf
• Common Mode Range: +/- 20 V
• Transformer: Single 1000W Toroidal Transformer
• Dimensions: 17.5″ wide x 12.5″ deep x 8.5″ tall (including feet)
• Weight: 75 LBS
• Control Features:
– Switch for Balanced or Single-ended operation.
– Lighted switch for Standby and Power
– Jack for remote power on and of