Multi room in ceiling setup

A friend is renovating a house and wants a couple of speakers in the ceiling of every room in the place.
Does anyone have any recommendations? He doesn’t want anything plugged in rather speakers plastered in to the ceilings and all app driven.

Have you suggested he does the decent thing?

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Think I may make a batch of popcorn…

The easiest way must be to get a 12 channel amp, put it somewhere central, and run speaker cable to each room. I don’t know what apps people use, but there are 12 channel amps specifically for this purpose.

I’ve literally just reviewed THIS which would work. It’s designed to sit in a void and be app controlled. The system is scalable and you can send a local input to other zones. There’s also multizone versions if you want to try Adam’s approach (which always sounds simpler but used to be a right PITA when we actually encountered systems wired in such a way during my brief stint in CI).

I reckon a multi channel amp plus loads of Chromecasts would work well.

The standard commercial solution is to use 100V line speakers.

If he’s got loads of money to spank then go Sonos

If not he could build some Roon endpoints using a Pi and Class D amp and then use ceiling speakers:

Yamaha do a range of Music Cast amps, these little ones even come with a 1u rack adapter. Just add passive in ceiling speakers.

Or more integrated

If he really has loads of money to burn then a full Bluesound system should fit the bill.

There was one in a rental place we visited near Cannes a few years ago and it was very nice to use and sounded decent.

Opinions on this?

He’s going for multiple sonos amps