Multimeter needed


I have a couple of sets of these, they seem to be ok

I got my Weller WSD81 solder station off eBay 5 years ago and it’s been great


Cheers Dave.

I got the RS unit as linked.

Some urgent help needed. I have a capacitor removed that is 50v and 100uf.

I have run out of the replacements and I am one short.

Can I use a 200v 220uf ?

Other than that I have only 16v ones left. It’s twelve quid postage from Mowser for one more. :frowning:


You can go up in voltage but as a general rule I wouldn’t go up in uf.


It depends what the capacitor does.

You can order from RS, they no longer have a min. Order value for free shipping. Or CPC Farnell.

Edit: just checked, CPC only have free delivery fur orders over £8.

I can have a look tonight, I might have some.


May have sorted it.

I recapped one psu and the guide is to stick in
16v 680uf for the old 16v 100uf.
Having done the second supply it seems that the first had already been recapped (bbc unit) and they had used 50v 560uf (which I copied like for like as I found them despite the guide).

I’ll go back in and swap them out for the suggested 16 680. Which frees up the two I bought for the ones now missing!

Just hassle.


All done.

But I had a yellow, plastic plug holder disintegrate on me.

It holds three crimped metal sleeves on to metal poles.

No idea what it is to order, if you can replace it?


Bottom of it

Appears to be this with the reverse protection.
Damned if I can find any to buy!!


I’d give them a call and ask where you can get just one. They might just mail you a sample. Otherwise if it’s the standard 2.54mm pitch you could use a plain 4-way housing and plug the location hole with something (drop of epoxy, plastic cocktail stick melted in with a hot nail, maybe hot-melt glue etc). I assume the grooves in the sides don’t have corresponding ribs on the header.




This might do.

Let me have your address & I’ll send it.

I’d guess these holes are at 5mm pitch. I’ll get the dig calipers out tomorrow & measure.


Looks identical.