Multimeter needed


Current one (yes, yes, I know) is fucked, so recommendations for a replacement please. Not a £9 one from Maplins, nor a £500 one either. Just a decent MOR unit that is reliable.


Brymen seem nice for the money and are often recommended on diy audio.


Ive used a FLUKE 117 both at work and in hobby terms. cant fault it for the cost.


I use the predecessor to this

It does more than most, does it well, and has lasted 11 years to date and is only on its 3rd battery…




what he said


this also gets a lot of positive support on diy forums





Had mine years, it has survived a load of abuse on site, in 20 years all it has needed is a new 9V battery




Fluke 115/117 looks good in current range. Not super cheap, but will be bulletproof and work properly.


Managed to find a new Fluke 117 for £125 delivered :+1:



Thanks for all the recommendations. The overwhelming preference for a Fluke won the day.