Mumsnet thread: hand coffee grinder rec please

I’m rather enjoying the simple drip filter coffee system I have, so thought I may as well grind the beans myself. It’ll be just one cup worth most of the time. What should I get?

Porlex. Just got one and it is very good.

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Oh I’ve just decided to get an Aeropress as well



I bought an aeropress which is very good.

Also bought a hand grinder which is just a load of bollocks.

Just use ready ground and save the hassle of standing there turning a fucking stupid handle for 10 mins


Ready ground :laughing: haha - you’re havin a giraffe

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Fucking aeropress is to coffee threads as Godwins is to Hitler. …


I think that made sense :slight_smile:


Have you succumbed yet?

Replace “Hitler” with “Trump threads” and it does

Have I hell-as-like. Grind my beans until they squeak and use a good old fashioned cafetiere.

None of this hipster aeropress steam punk shit in this house. No sirree Bob.


Porlex. Close thread.

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Grind them under Doc Marten boots, imagining they are the skulls of your enemies.

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Amazon description:

'Porlex Mini Coffee Hand Mill Stainless Steel with Ceramic grinding mechanism that is the new version comes with a changing stylish. This is now oval square significantly more stable. What’s more, Uses the new holder also in duty use. But that’s not for the faint of heart. As well as the package is now be the high quality mill. Products are made from where Porlex is, there is Porlex quality in. Both the inner, as well as the outer Malring of ceramic mill, are available with the Porlex logo, one large zip goes all around the top and "Made in Japan. Not only visually, but there’s no need to workmanship and grinding result stand out the Porlex Mill due to Nachahmern. And it’s the mill now includes a manual instructions are written in English. Compact Mill with lots of grind settings the Porlex Mill uses a high-quality, conical ceramic grinding mechanism. The manufacturing material Ceramic and is well suited for these, as it’s extremely sharp, extremely hard-wearing and is also neutral in taste. It works pleasantly quiet and cool while grinding. The spring mechanism ensures a very homogeneous consistency when ground material. Into a Small Wheel can over a dozen different degrees of grinding einstellt, which can be neatly where you cover all coffee brewing methods, from Staubartig Fine Ground Espresso to coarse-grained for the cafetiere. The bean container has space for approximately 00G beans and the catcher round 30 g ground coffee. The height of the mill is 13.5 cm, the diameter 4.6 cm. The handles of the mill can be easily removed and with the rubber sleeve space efficient and travel friendly- on the mill. Ideal travel companion: the Porlex Mini without handle fits perfectly in the upper part of the AeroPress. This combination is perfect for the enjoyment of coffee on the go.

Going to have to buy one, but from Hasbean of course

Hey guys, it seems you can get this coffee shit in a tin. Just add hot water and drink, apparently.


Better than being a fucking hipster with a handjongrinder and hairydress.


Yes, stop fucking around, job done…

I have a nespresso. The drip filter is much better.


I got really into the dripper for a while and could make a very nice cup in the end. After a bit of a struggle a mate of mine gave me a good recipe, which I had good results with.

14-15 grams of coffee medium ground

Rinse paper filter with hot water

Add coffee

Add 40g of water for 45 second pre-infusion

Add remaining 210 g of water slowly over 2-3 minutes

The grind is critical. Too fine and the coffee will over infuse and be bitter, too coarse and it will be sour. I found that discerning between sour and bitter was difficult but with a bit of trial and error I got good results.

I then got an Aeropress and this is the recipe I found works best for that…

18g of medium ground coffee

Rinse filter in the Aeropress over the cup to warm cup at the same time, discard water

Add coffee, just moisten it with a little water and stir with the paddle. Pre- infusion should only take 30 secs from when the water hits the coffee!

Once the 30secs are up, fill the Aropress to the top, insert the the plunger part and wait. Again, only 30 secs from when the water hits the coffee!

When the thirty are up take the last thirty seconds pushing the plunger down. Don’t push all the way to the bottom as this will compress the coffee and make it bitter.

Adjust the grinder as described for the dripper.

The Porlex is fantastic! A favourite of coffee nerds the world over :joy:


Pop two of these and save yourselves the aggro. Fucking hipsters.