Munich 18


Soulution + Magic9 = Coco wet dream :stuck_out_tongue:


As in diarrhoea?


Needed an extra torus per side I reckon.


The weirdest relic I have ever seen in a church


Bayern are at home to Stuttgart today.
Fans everywhere


International Gay choir festival going on.
Free music in squares all over the city


This lot were brilliant




Hofbrau house
It is a public building so the loos are open to all and very welcome :grinning:


Jim’s natural home by the looks of things.


Certainly the brass section should drown out the noise of the trouser trumpet. The whiff may not be so easy to disguise though.


Have you been to a German Beer Hall ?
There’s enough smell from the fucktonnes of boiled/fermented cabbage to hide anything :roll_eyes:


Apart from the band and the waiting staff I got the distinct impression that there was a major lack of Germans in the place


Yes, but it is a @Jim special you are trying to mask. Is there sufficient pickled cabbage in Germany?


No :smile:


It is the Hofbräuhaus after all :roll_eyes:


I know it was hundreds of posts ago but the Luxman direct drive is actually belt drive. That’s why it’s got a belt round the outside of the platter! :wink:


And why no picture of the best sounding room of the show by a country mile and three furlongs - PMC??!!

Those new fact fenestrias were awesome. If I hadn’t just bought some other speakers, I’d have been biting their hands off.

(Best music I heard, too…)


You just won the lottery? They’re £45,000!



Here are some more photos of the show. I understand ther are more to come.

This bloke always takes loads of photos of HiFi shows.年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實況報導-Munich-High-End-Show