Munich 18


Hi Adam,

What sort of music were they playing?


PMC? :weary:


Punishing Music Cruelty :+1:


Great pics Ed. :+1:

Kev, What/who was the relic alleged to be?


So did Kevin have two rooms running or change overnight, different finishes on the Vox Olympians and Kondo 300B power amps in one shot with a different set of power amps in another shot. Who had the Kaguras?


From the very good selection of pics it looks like the company was the best thing. Lots of ugly idle record players and speakers that look like an intergration nightmare hooked up with :snake: 'S writhing over doughnuts with their arses stuck in monster lumps of aluminium. That Relic looked funky though, any chance of them joining here :smiley:


I think he’d loaned the Vox Palladians to Angstom (amp manufacturer) but they were playing the OBX’s when I went in on Thursday.


Same rugs and racks as well:smirk: Kevin must be diversifying😁! What were the 300B amps he was using, Biransu??


I’m not sure whether Kevin’s German distributor provides the rugs & racks. The 300B amps in the VO room are likely his usual Gaku-Oh.

The amps in the other room are Angstrom.

Incidentally Kondo were showing a heavily revised Gaku Oh in a chassis more like the Kagura monos.


Engstrom :wink:


What speakers were kondo using, Kawero ?


That’s them.


Oh bugger, good point. I forgot that bit. :cry:


But of everything but, most importantly, no GWG and no pianos falling down the stairs. And they did play Deadmau5, which puts them straight into my good books.


Heard “Where’s the drop?” yet? Good stuff.


St Munditia.
Patron saint of single women.
Tour guide encouraged single women to pop into the church and pray to her for a man.
He encouraged all the single men to hang around outside the doors to the church.

I am sure you can Google a better pic. I am on phone in Munich Airport waiting for delayed flight



Can see why she was single.


Why ? She has nice bone structure.


She looks quite well considering she had her head chopped off in 310 AD