Munich 18


No, I see enough of Germany in my job.


I will be speaking German to everyone at the Bristol show to make it feel like I’ve been


Shouting Scheiße at everything and everybody is the way to go.
When that doesn’t get the required response kartoffelnkopf should do the trick.


My Press Pass just arrived. :grin:
Not booked anything yet.


Flights booked.
Must get my trade pass organised.


Flight and Hotel booked must get Trade Pass now.


What days are people going?


Friday as usual for me.

Not pretending to be press.


Anyone want to share a hotel room?

I’ve asked a few people, but strangely, they’ve all declined :laughing:


Flying out Wed evening.
Going to the show Thursday and Friday. Got Saturday earmarked to be a tourist round Munich.
Flying back Sat evening.


What is the best way to get a Trade/Press pass, not sure my website will count, can I blag one off one of you lot when you apply?


CNC one?


For press you need to have something published on a recognized website or in a mag. Trade can often be blagged from dealers or industry insiders.


I would have qualified on HFWW for a press pass but I doubt my incoherent ramblings on here would count :grinning:


If you had a proper front-page review (not in a thread) and can find a link to it, that’s good enough! I can let you have the address to use for the publication.


Not a review but my name was all over the press releases for a about 18 months must have been over a hundred.

Doubt they are still there since the new website


PM’d you.


After a week of trench fighting with Lufthansa to get my account unlocked, I am now fully booked in.


Which Carat do people generally stay at? Just the hotel to book now.


Carat Munich City on Lindwurmstrasse.